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Following are some of the notes from MSDN forum when I answered their questions. These notes inspire me to do even more, so keep it coming.

“Thanks for the suggested reading, …….Your answer was professional and helpfull.  I almost decided not to go through this process as a new developer until I found this forum.  Huge Thanks to you Rubel.” – akm123    Source: MSDN

“Many thanks Rubel for the very kind reply. Thanks!” – Silver.Sagi    Source: MSDN

“Thanks your reply was helpful” – Byebytoad    Source: MSDN

“Thank you so much…Yes this is just want I needed to know…..Thanks, Lexmontero”    Source: MSDN

“Yes, it’s very helpful and thank you for the information.” – Golf464   Source: MSDN

“Rubel, Thanks for clearing that up for me.” – SQL_ATL   MSDN

“Thanks for the advice!!  I’m going to start by reading over all that……..” – jkabaseball    Source:  MSDN

“Thanks a lot bro, this was what I was hunting for thanks a lot.”- lemmevcpp    Source:  MSDN

“Many thanks for your links! I have completed these previous!” – StevoMc    Source:  MSDN

“Thanks guys.  You’ve definitely given me some things to think about.” – SHANEL1    Source:  MSDN

“Thank you. That’s great that I don’t need to learn 2 languages.” – SvenVdb    Source:  MSDN

“Hey Rubel, Thank you very much. These look great! Kind Regards” – Christo Olivier    Source:  MSDN

“Thanks Rubel, I bought the Self-Paced Training Kit and it was an interesting and helpful read. The blog will also help me a lot on my way. Thanks” – Georgi      Source: MSDN

“I certainly appreciate your time.  You have been very helpful…” – sleepawakemolly      Source: MSDN

“Hi Rubel, Thanks for the clarity I have sent an email off to a firm who do training locally to find out about doing some of the exams in the MCSA with server 2k3. Many thanks for your help.” – James Draycott      Source: MSDN

“I got it!!!..Thanks for the tips…. I should be start preparing now….” – Varun_De     Source: MSDN

“Thank you Rubel Khan. It is very much helpful.” – asrm      Source: MSDN

“Hi Rubel, you got my point 😉 thanks for the answer and yes it helped.” – fritz wottawa       Source: MSDN

“Thanks Rubel and TapanPattanaik, so it looks like there’s some extra exams if I want to cover the .Net 3.5 technologies. Txs” – BrianBoru  Source: MSDN

“I’ve ordered a CD from the company, so we’ll see how this turns out.  Thanks for the lead!” – davidtheweb   Source: MSDN

“Thanks very much mate, appreciated.” – Demonization       Source: MSDN

“Thank Rubel, That’s the information that I have been looking for! Best Regards.”-  Paul      Source: MSDN

“Thank you Rubel. I was thinking going into .NET 2.0 exams and upgrade 3.5 but now I decided go into .NET 3.5 examinations. Your answer is clear thank you again. – Emre Kiyak       Source: MSDN

“You have so many useful posts- thanks for the contributions!! I just had to visit your blog- wow, did I mark THAT as a favorite!!  Thanks for taking the time to share!” – ptab      Source: MSDN

“Oh my god…thanks you very much…it would be helpful for me…thanks…^^” – eric_kit     Source: MSDN

“Thanks for the quick reply. I did read something about being able to do it but i would of never figured that out for myself…..Cheers” – Cyrus01 Source: MSDN

“…..Thanks for your answer, it is the clearest I’ve got so far. MCP support staffs were not very knowledgeable on that matter.” – afafard    Source: MSDN

“Hi Rubel, Yeah I didn’t think so, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!” – Ian Devlin    Source: MSDN


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