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Microsoft Learning training is now available on YouTube!

Posted by Rubel Khan on January 26, 2011

Visit the Microsoft Learning YouTube channel and get free training on Windows 7, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, and other Microsoft products and technologies.  You can now view Microsoft Learning training on the platform and browser of your choice.  The channel offers both standalone videos and playlists.  You can embed videos on your own web site, subscribe to the Microsoft Learning YouTube channel, and access the videos on your mobile phone.  Check out the Microsoft Learning Channel on YouTube to find out more!  Don’t forget you can still get free training through Learning Snacks here.


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Windows Azure/Cloud Computing Learning Snacks

Posted by Rubel Khan on November 14, 2010

Learn more about Microsoft Windows Azure Platform, Microsoft Online Services, and other Microsoft cloud offerings by watching the short, bite-sized snacks featured on the Microsoft Silverlight Learning Snacks page.

Cloud computing is a paradigm shift that provides computing over the Internet. It offers infrastructure, platform, and software as services; organizations can use any of these services, depending on their business needs. Organizations can simply connect to the cloud and use the available resources on a pay-per-use basis. Microsoft offers flexible cloud-computing solutions that help communicate, collaborate, and store data in a cloud. The cloud services offered by Microsoft are cost effective, secure, always available, and platform independent. This snack explains the concept of cloud computing and its advantages. The snack also provides an overview of Microsoft’s cloud-computing strategy and offerings.

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Are You New to Windows Azure? – Cloud Computing

Posted by Rubel Khan on October 15, 2010

Would you like to see how others are leveraging Windows Azure? Try out these short Learning Snack videos.

Learning Snacks

“What is Windows Azure?” “How do I get started on the Windows Azure platform?” “How have organizations benefited by using Windows Azure?” These are some of the questions answered by Microsoft’s new series of Windows Azure Learning Snacks. Time-strapped? You can learn something new in less than five minutes:

Enjoy. Happy Friday!

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