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Windows 7 – Deployment Learning Portal Pilot

Posted by Rubel Khan on March 22, 2010

I heard about this cool pilot project that I would like to share today. It addresses the following challenge: ‘With 39% of IT Pros intending to deploy Windows 7 in the next year how can Microsoft remove the skills barrier to adoption?’

The UK AMM team have developed the Deployment Learning Portal designed to help IT pros identify the strengths and gaps in their knowledge around Windows 7 deployment and provide targeted learning to help them gain confidence in their skills and accelerate deployment. 

What is the Deployment Learning Portal?

The Windows 7 Deployment Learning Portal has been designed to assess the level of skills and readiness to deploy and provide personal learning recommendations to IT pros in customers and partners. Helping IT Pros to focus on the training in the areas they need.

All training modules were created by the team that wrote the Windows 7 certification exam, including Preparing your deployment, Configuring a Windows 7 image, Migration, Compatibility testing, making this assessment really robust and a true test of skill.  At the end of each module the user will receive learning recommendations based on their score, these recommendations direct IT pros to the most relevant resources across Springboard, MS learning and TechNet, and provides clear next steps to certification.

This is for now a 6 month pilot that runs in the UK, we’ll let you know when we hear more!



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