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New Certification: MCSD Azure Solutions Architect

Posted by Rubel Khan on June 9, 2015

Microsoft is pleased to announce the release of a new certification entitled Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): Azure Solutions Architect. This certification is awarded by passing three Microsoft Azure specialist exams, validating competence in the design, development, and administration of solutions powered by Microsoft Azure.

The new certification is earned by passing all three of the following exams:

With a focus on app development and deployment, this certification is classified under the MCSD suite of certifications and, as such, carries a two-year recertification requirement.

The MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect certification went live on June 1, 2015.

For more details on this new certification, please visit the Azure Certification landing page.


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New! The Microsoft Virtual Academy

Posted by Rubel Khan on May 1, 2011

Why Enroll, other than it being free?

The Microsoft Virtual Academy helps you to improve your IT skill set and advance your career with a free, easy to access training portal that allows you to learn at your own pace, focusing on Microsoft technologies.

What Do I get for enrolment?    

  • Free training to make you become the Cloud-Hero in my Organization
  • Help mastering your Training Path and get the recognition
  • Connect with other IT Pros and discuss The Cloud

Where do I Enrol?


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Windows Azure – Training Portal

Posted by Rubel Khan on January 10, 2011

Microsoft Learning just published: thier new Windows Azure Training and Certification Portal, where you can review learning plans, watch snacks, find training, and prep for exams on Windows Azure. Microsoft Learning will update the site as new resources become available.

Windows Azure is a flexible cloud-computing (Internet-based computing) platform that allows you to shift your focus from managing and maintaining physical servers to solving business problems and addressing customer needs online. Without the upfront investment in an expensive infrastructure, you pay only for the services that you use. You can scale up when you need capacity, and pull back when you don’t. Microsoft handles all the updates and maintenance of the platform, with more than 99.9 percent uptime.

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Free E-Book: Microsoft Patterns & Practices (Cloud)

Posted by Rubel Khan on September 26, 2010

Volume 1, Moving Applications to the Cloud on the Windows Azure Platform, provides an introduction to Windows Azure, discusses the cost model and application life cycle management for cloud-based applications, and describes how to migrate an existing ASP.NET application to the cloud.

Available now on MSDN: the second volume in our Windows Azure Patterns and Practices series. This new book demonstrates how you can create from scratch a multi-tenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) application to run in the cloud by using the latest versions of the Windows Azure tools and the latest features of the Windows Azure platform.

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Webcast series for students and recent graduates: Microsoft Azure and Certifications 101

Posted by Rubel Khan on December 7, 2009

Microsoft Azure - Intro to Cloud Computing
Fascinated by cloud computing? Want to find out how things are hosted in the cloud? Learn the basics of Microsoft Azure and how it is used to host, store, and manage applications in the cloud.
Presenter: Krishna Kumar

Microsoft Certifications 101
Certification helps IT professionals get jobs and keep them. We’ll cover the process, choosing a path, preparing and taking your first exam, and what to expect after that.
Presenter: Dana Calleja

View Recording

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Windows Azure Platform Training Kit

Posted by Rubel Khan on October 19, 2009

The Azure Services Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of technical content including hands-on labs, presentations, and demos that are designed to help you learn how to use the Windows Azure platform including: Windows Azure, SQL Azure and .NET Services. The October release includes new videos and labs in addition to VB code snippets and updated content for SQL Azure October CTP.

This training kit contains the following content:


  • Azure Platform Overview
  • What is Windows Azure?
  • Windows Azure Storage Overview
  • Introduction to Windows Azure
  • Building Services using Windows Azure
  • Introduction to SQL Azure
  • Building Applications using SQL Azure
  • Scaling Out with SQL Azure
  • Introduction to .NET Services
  • Building Applications Using the .NET Service Bus


  • Deploying Windows Azure Services
  • Hello Windows Azure
  • Windows Azure Guestbook Demo
  • Windows Azure Logging and Configuration Demo
  • Windows Azure using Blobs Demo
  • Windows Azure Worker Role Demo
  • Windows Azure Using Queues Demoo
  • Windows Azure Using Tables Demo
  • Preparing your SQL Azure Account
  • Connecting to SQL Azure
  • Managing Logins and Security in SQL Azure
  • Creating Objects in SQL Azure
  • Migrating a Database Schema to SQL Azure
  • Moving Data Into and Out Of SQL Azure using SSIS
  • Building a Simple SQL Azure App
  • Scaling Out SQL Azure with Database Sharding
  • .NET Services Service Bus Direct Connection Demo
  • .NET Services Service Bus webHttpRelayBinding
  • .NET Services Service Bus Publish and Subscribe
  • .NET Services Service Registry
  • .NET Services Service Bus NetOneWayRelayBinding

Hands On Labs

  • Building Windows Azure Services
  • Windows Azure Native Code
  • Windows Azure and PHP
  • Getting Started with Windows Azure Storage
  • Using Windows Azure Tables
  • Building ASP.NET MVC Applications with Windows Azure
  • Building ASP.NET Web Form Applications with Windows Azure
  • Migrating Applications to Windows Azure
  • Introduction to SQL Azure
  • Migrating Databases to SQL Azure
  • Building Your First SQL Azure App
  • Introduction to the .NET Service Bus
  • Building Hybrid Applications

Samples and Tools

  • Windows Azure MMC
  • PhluffyFotos
  • Bid Now
  • Contoso Cycles

Download from:

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