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MOS 2007 Master New Year’s Resolution

Posted by Rubel Khan on December 22, 2010

Make your new year’s resolution now to finish that coveted Microsoft Office Specialist 2007 Master certification… the Master requirements will be getting tougher next year!

What’s Coming? Starting March 1, 2011, to earn your MOS 2007 Master credential, you will need to pass the new Expert level Word and Excel exams. These exams are set to tentatively launch in English at the end of January, 2011, which means we’ll be giving a grace period before triggering the new requirements.

What’s Going? Prior to March 1, you can still become a MOS 2007 Master by passing these exams: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and your choice of Outlook or Access. Please note that due to a system issue, if you complete the original 2007 Master requirements between November 1, 2010 and February 18, 2011, the Master certification will not immediately appear on your Microsoft transcript. After February 18, your transcript will be automatically updated. You will, however, receive your Master certificate, and your Master status will appear on your online transcript at

Why? To date all versions of MOS have required an Expert level Word and Excel exam to achieve the Master credential, with the exception of MOS 2007. We’re bringing MOS 2007 back in line with the rest of the certifications in terms of what it takes to gain the coveted MOS Master status.

All of these same details are outlined on the MOS Master Certifications page here. If you have any questions though, please let Microsoft team know.


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