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Breakthrough: ISO20000 is now required by US Government

Posted by Rubel Khan on September 24, 2010

ISO20000 is now specifically required by US Government, as a requirement for service providers who want of offer their services for government IT services. Recently, the US Air force, for their Enterprise Integration and Services Management (EISM) system, required an ISO20000 certificate from sourcing providers.

Requirements are very specific: "The prime contractor shall have evidence of ISO/IEC 20000 certification throughout the life of the contract, inclusive of options. The Government will evaluate (confirm) the offeror’s certification(s) based on the documentation provided in the proposal." This obviously requires a regular confirmation of the certified status.

Also: "This certification must be held at the organizational level of the legal entity performing the contract." Which means that a service provider cannot get this status cheap, by certifying just one team or just one service against the ISO20000 requirements (which is a common trick amongst providers, ever since the introduction of ISO standards).

Another RFP by US Dept of Defense, to be published in February, will be requiring the ISO 20000 certification. Also, NIST seems to be going to require ISO 20000 for an upcoming proposal, as well as the US Veteran’s Affairs has indicated a preference for ISO 20000 certificate for upcoming Help Desk proposals. These findings confirm the uptake of ISO20000 in the US.



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