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Help Shape the Future of Technology: Microsoft User Research Needs Certified Folks

Posted by Rubel Khan on September 6, 2010

Many of you have been involved in beta testing new versions of Microsoft’s software products. But have you ever considered getting involved earlier in the process, before all the features and functionality are locked? Microsoft’s User Research group is specifically interested in finding more CERTIFIED individuals to give feedback on new products and services.* You can get a sneak peek at the earliest versions, while providing guidance and direction for the product development. Participants may also receive a new Microsoft hardware or software gratuity for participating in specific studies.

Don’t live in the Redmond area? Not a problem. Many of the usability studies can now be done remotely.

Sign up today to be eligible for an invitation to participate in a usability study, focus group, survey, or other research study.

*Microsoft is not talking about Microsoft Learning products here, They are talking about SQL Server, Windows client, Windows Server, Exchange, etc.–the big products, small products, and everything in between. For invitations to Microsoft Learning usability studies, make sure you fill out your Microsoft Learning SME Profile.


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