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Career Packs: Second Shot + discount!

Posted by Rubel Khan on August 19, 2010

Heads up if you are planning your next career/certification steps right now: Microsoft Certification Packs with Free Second Shots can help you get your Certification, validate your knowledge, launch your career, or move to your next position. Purchase packs of one to five exams along with free re-takes on every exam purchased and save up to 20%.

That’s right, using a Certification Pack you can take a Second Shot at each exam you take; should you fail the exam you can simply try again without any additional cost. And the certification packs also include a discount. See the table below which can help you choose the exam pack that is right for you:

Certification pack


Second Shot

5-exam pack


Included with each exam

4-exam pack


Included with each exam

3-exam pack


Included with each exam

2-exam pack


Included with each exam


Regular price

Add 15% to single exam price*


*If you prefer to purchase just one exam with a Second Shot offer, note that an additional 15 percent will be added to the price of the exam. For instance, with the cost of an exam at US$125, you can purchase one exam plus a Second Shot at US$143.75.

So how do you get the most out of this offer? Well, here’s my quick and dirty FAQ and please find more details on this exciting offer here. Basically, if you start planning your next steps in certification today you will have 10 months; if you register and buy a certification pack now, you should plan to sit for all exams in the packs by 6/30/2011. The offer is available worldwide through Prometric; certification packs can be bought in one single purchase where you pay for the pack upfront. Exams within packs cannot be split-up amongst multiple customers. All Microsoft Certification exams with a prefix of ‘070’ or ‘MB-X’ are eligible.



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