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Last chance for your Second Shot at Certification – Time is Running Out!

Posted by Rubel Khan on May 6, 2010

Have you been thinking about becoming Microsoft Certified?

Don’t put it off any longer! The best time to get your Microsoft Certification is NOW, while you still have time to sign up for a free Second Shot voucher.

Top Questions about Second Shot  

1) What is it? – A free retake on all IT professional and developer certification exams (exams that have a 70 prefix), and all Microsoft Dynamics exams. The offer also includes all academic exams (exams with a 72 or 73 prefix).
2) When can I use it? – You must wait one day after your initial exam before you can register for the second exam. Both exams must be taken before June 30, 2010.  

3) How do I get/use my Second Shot voucher?

     Step 1 – Get a voucher code

        Step 2: Use your voucher number to schedule and pay for your initial exam, then take your exam.

        Step 3: If you do not pass (we hope you pass), schedule your free retake exam by using the same voucher number.

More Details can be found at the Special Offers page for Second Shot

Don’t Wait!  This offer ends June 30th!


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