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Posted by Rubel Khan on May 1, 2010

Disaster preparedness through virtualization (quick lesson)
Getting connected with mobile broadband  (12 page notebook)
HP Backup and Recovery Manager: restore files  (8:13)
HP Backup and Recovery Manager: schedule backups  (13:34)
HP ProtectTools Security Manager: enable Smart Card security  (10:36)
HP ProtectTools Security Manager: using BIOS Configuration  (6:10)
HP ProtectTools Security Manager: using single sign-on  (10:03)
HP ProtectTools: security at your fingertips (quick lesson with podcast)
How to build a midsize IT core infrastructure
IT infrastructure and its challenges: outsource or hire? (quick lesson)
Improve ROI by investing in a mobile workforce (quick lesson)
Introduction to storage networks
Linux 101: a beginner’s guide
Microsoft® ASP.NET 3.5: beginner’s guide
Network attached storage
Planning closed loop client lifecycles
Practical Wi-Fi security (quick lesson)
Protect your data: back up to disk, tape, the network and beyond
Servers 101
Simple backup strategies with HP Backup and Recovery Manager (quick lesson with podcast)
Six steps to computer security (quick lesson)
Streamline your business with unified communications and collaboration
Streamline your organization through shared services (quick lesson)
Transition your old IT assets (quick lesson)
Understanding Microsoft® Windows Server 2008
Virtualize your infrastructure: operations
Virtualize your infrastructure: planning
Wireless networking with Bluetooth (quick lesson)

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