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HP Learning center: Business basics

Posted by Rubel Khan on May 1, 2010

Color your business: develop a marketing color scheme  (3:23)
Create marketing materials that align with your goals (quick lesson)
Customizing business envelopes and automating postage (quick lesson)
Facebook and Twitter: getting started (quick lesson)
Improve your personal networking skills
Intermediate website design
Jump-start your creativity: exploring Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks
Marketing writing tips: five mistakes to avoid (quick lesson)
Mastering email: keep your inbox clutter-free  (6:45)
Microsoft® OneNote: creating and using notebooks  (5:27)
Microsoft® OneNote: getting started  (7:17)
Networking 101
Print marketing materials in-house on a wide-format printer
Save money, be energy efficient
Small business survival tips (quick lesson)
Stress, sanity and survival
Ten tips for printing better marketing materials in-house (quick lesson)
Use Google Desktop to find and retrieve what you need  (6:09)
Use color-coding to prioritize your email  (5:00)

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