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Core Knowledge – The Cisco Learning Network

Posted by Rubel Khan on April 5, 2010

Beginning April 1, 2010, Cisco will allow Cisco 360 Learning Program students who attend a Cisco CCIE® Routing and Switching or CCIE Voice workshop to request a waiver and skip the Core Knowledge Section of the CCIE lab exam. All waiver requests must be approved by the Cisco Learning Partner. No end date for the Core Knowledge Waiver has been announced, but Cisco will provide at least 60 days’ notice before discontinuing the waiver.

During a Cisco 360 Learning Program workshop, students complete a series of performance assessments that demonstrate their understanding of the CCIE material and serve the same purpose as the Core Knowledge section of the exam. Therefore, Cisco 360 Learning Program students who use the waiver will not be required to type out answers to the Core Knowledge questions and will be allowed to move immediately to the next section of the lab exam.

To qualify for the waiver, workshop students should contact their Cisco Learning Partner 45 days in advance of their scheduled lab exam and provide the following information:

Student’s name

Student’s email address

Student’s username

Name, date, and location of workshop attended

Student’s scheduled lab date and location

More information is available at Core Knowledge Waiver Questions and Answers.

via Core Knowledge – The Cisco Learning Network.


2 Responses to “Core Knowledge – The Cisco Learning Network”

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  2. waytoccie said

    I just passed CCIE R&S V4 today . It seems it was very tought to prepare for CCIE R&S V4 but i did this by a long journey. I studied different books on Routing and Switching as well as Real Workbook . I practice with CCIE RACK RENTAL we will continue to discuss about passing ccie lab exam in first attempt .

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