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Received 4 medals at MSDN Forums!

Posted by Rubel Khan on March 23, 2010

Yesterday, I achieved four medals status at Microsoft MSDN Forum (Community).  Some of you may be wondering what these medals are. Here is the explanation:

What are these little medals under my Display Name?
The Forums now include a basic recognition system to gauge your participation in the community. Based on your actions, you are awarded points. Based on the number of points you earn, you get the medals.

How are my points calculated?
You earn points based on the action you perform on the site. The following table lists the points that you earn for various actions.

You reply to a question started by another user –  2 Points
Your reply is marked as the answer – 10 Points
Your reply is voted as being helpful – 5 x (# of votes) Points

How many points do I need to get a particular star rating?
The following table lists the points for each star rating.

1 ~ 750 Points   –  1 Medals
751 ~ 2000  Points –  2 Medals
2001 ~ 7500  Points –  3 Medals
7501 ~ 15000  Points –  4 Medals
15001 +   Points –  5 Medals

I am shooting for the fifth/final medal. It will take a while since another 7500 points needed to achieve that status.  Hopefully by end of this year. Wish me luck. 🙂


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