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TechNet Radio: Optimize Your Desktop Infrastructure with System Center Configuration Manager and Windows 7

Posted by Rubel Khan on March 14, 2010

In this episode of TechNet Radio, listen in as our host, John Baker, speaks with David Feng, IT Director for Sporton International. Sporton International, a leading testing, certification and electromagnetic compatibility consultant wanted to relieve its two-person IT staff of time-sapping desktop management chores, minimize employee disruptions, and shrink computer setup time to speed the testing process.  

The solution? Sporton deployed Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Service Pack 2, which inter-operates with Microsoft Application Virtualization and Windows 7 to help automate management chores.  

The Results? Their IT staff was 40 percent more productive and there was an increase in profitability, enhanced protection, and compliance.

Total Duration: 21:07

  • [ 3:17 ]  How has your experience been with the Win 7 and Configuration Manager SP2 TAP programs?
  • [ 5:20 ] Why did you deploy Windows 7? What about it was compelling to you?
  • [ 6:05 ] How has Branch Cache in Windows 7 improved your end-user experience?
  • [ 8:42 ] How has your Deployment gone so far? Are you using some of the new deployment features in Win 7 with Configuration Manager
  • [ 12:30 ] How has App-V helped your user experience?

Listen to the Radio here:


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