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The Importance Of Certification In The IT Field? By John Vinson

Posted by Rubel Khan on February 26, 2010

Stephen J. Bigelow, of has presented a very interesting question, and one which paints a distinct portrait of the current climate in the IT market – ‘ Does certification really matter in IT?‘ When first absorbing the question, the answer should seem obvious; of course certification is important. In just about every field that requires technical knowledge, common sense would dictate you want proof that someone knows as much as they let on.

Bigelow presents evidence which suggests certification isn’t as important as it used to be. According to a survey conducted in 2009, 55% of the IT respondents claimed they had zero certifications. Bigelow hypothesizes the current economic standing of commercial businesses, and evolution of the IT profession are to blame for the lack of certification.

I agree with Bigelow on the matter of evolution, but not so much on the economical standing of businesses. It seems to me that credentials would be even more important when the economy is down. Making a huge investment, like hiring an IT professional would require more proof when making hire than ever before.

The current standing of IT certification has become so diluted with various sectors, you could spend more time than needed just to be ‘certified’ in a long line of areas. Many times the fields an IT professional will become certified in don’t necessarily pertain to the job they’re seeking. Therefore, the mindset is – why bother with certain certifications if they won’t even help land a job?

Even with all the problems surrounding IT certification, it will remain prevalent for one reason – change. IT related careers deal with some of the fastest changing problems one could imagine. What an IT professional learned about a year ago might be completely changed due to technological advancements in the present. It’s this fast shifting pace which will always keep IT certification a constant importance.

Many times a business will overlook IT, which can lead to some huge ramifications. Our own government is going through some problems regarding IT; dealing with network security. You can bet it’s vital their IT professionals receive professional training regarding the problems being faced.

It’s hard to argue the numbers presented in the survey I mentioned prior. However, I think many of those businesses simply haven’t learned the lesson yet. While there are plenty of competent IT professionals without certification, it just takes one bad apple to hurt a business. As technologies grow and continue to change, I think we’ll see businesses value the importance of certification, and realize why it’s so vital.

About the Author:
John is a staff writer for WebProNews.


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