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Windows 7 New Features for Managed Code Developers

Posted by Rubel Khan on February 2, 2010

This series presents examples of how developers who write in managed code (Visual Basic and C#) can take advantage of some of the new features of Windows 7. The series includes: an introductory overview on new features, overview of the Windows API Code Pack and individual sessions that include a demonstration of the new features in Windows 7.

New Features in Windows 7  A high-level overview of what’s new in Windows 7, including elements in the new User Interface along with other features.

Overview of the Windows 7 API Code Pack  A high-level overview of the Windows 7 API Code Pack, which provides access to Windows 7 features for .NET developers using Visual Basic or C#.

Windows 7 Feature: Taskbar and Jump Lists Demonstrates the improvements to the taskbar in Windows 7, along with managed code for implementing some of the new functionality it provides.

Windows 7 Feature: Power Management  Shows how to tune your application to use power more efficiently, saving energy and extending battery life for laptops or other mobile devices.

Windows 7 Feature: Extended Linguistic Services Describes the new API for working with ELS features such as basic text, date/time/calendar formatting, keyboard layouts, or sorting behavior.

Windows 7 Feature: Explorer Browser Demonstrates working with the new Explorer Browser control to add a control that mimics the Windows Explorer within a managed application.

Windows 7 Feature: Application Restart and Recovery Explains how to use the Application Restart and Recovery features to save data and state information if an application exits unexpectedly or stops responding, and to restart the..

Windows 7 Feature: Libraries and Known Folders Covers the new feature that provides folder-like collections of user data. In Windows 7, libraries are intended to be the primary entry points for users to access their documents,

Windows 7 Feature: Task Dialogs and Common File Dialogs Demonstrates how to use managed code to create and use a Task Dialog, which is a more fully-featured Message Box, and the new Common File Dialogs.

Windows 7 Feature: Shell Features Shows how Win 7 supports shell features for searching and drag-and-drop.

Windows 7 Feature: Network Management Explains how to use the Network and Network List Manager objects to get access to network information with managed code.


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