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New Features in .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2

Posted by Rubel Khan on February 1, 2010

This series of 8 hour-long sessions will cover some of the new features in Visual Studio 2010, as of the Beta 2 release, and some of the new language features in .NET languages including C#, Visual Basic.NET, and F#, as of version 4 of the .NET framework.

Visual Studio 2010: Parallelism This session covers and demonstrates new structures and other options for parallel programming, including how Visual Studio 2010 supports parallel programming and debugging. programming.

Visual Studio 2010: ADO.Net Data Services This session presents enhancements to ADO.NET both on the server side and the client side, and demonstrates how to take advantage of these in code.

Visual Studio 2010: F# Visual Studio 2010 includes a new programming language, F#. This session explains and provides a walk-through demonstration of basic programming in F#.

Visual Studio 2010: Office Programmability Both C# and Visual Basic.Net have new features in Visual Studio 2010. This session includes explanations of these features, and demonstrations of them in the context of Office.

Visual Studio 2010: ASP.NET AJAX This session will explain and demonstrate some new AJAX features in ASP.Net, including new features in client-side AJAX.

Visual Studio 2010: ASP.NET MVC This session introduces the MVC – Model, View, Controller – framework that is not part of ASP.NET. It includes demonstrations of how to create and test a basic ASP.NET MVC.

Visual Studio 2010: ASP.NET Web Forms This session discusses and demonstrates improvements to Web Forms in ASP.NET. It includes improvements to existing controls as well as some new features like routing.

Visual Studio 2010: Managed Languages This session provides information on features that are new to either C# or Visual Basic .NET or both, and demonstrates how to use them in your coding.


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