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Getting Autodesk Certified

Posted by Rubel Khan on December 20, 2009

To earn Autodesk Certification, you’ll need to pass an Autodesk certification exam, or a series of exams, and follow some simple steps.

Step 1. Choose the certification that’s right for you.

There can be more than one certification level offered for specific Autodesk products. Review the certifications available by product, pick the level that is right for you, and learn what skills you need to pass the certification you would like to earn by reading the exam guide for your test.

Step 2. Assess your readiness.

After you’ve chosen the certification and learned what to expect on your exam, validate your readiness by taking an Autodesk proficiency or assessment exam. These examinations are online tests consisting of 40 to 50 questions that assess your knowledge of the tools, features, and common tasks in the specific Autodesk application. Available 24/7 through the web from Autodesk Testing OnLine

Step 3. Get the training you need.

Autodesk offers a variety of training products to complement your learning style, including Autodesk Official Training Courseware developed to help users of Autodesk software improve their productivity. These courseware guides are used by Authorized Training Centers and are 100 percent aligned to the certification exams.

You can also take advantage of other training resources available from Autodesk, including online tutorials and courses from Authorized Training Centers (ATC).

Step 4. Apply your training and practice your skills.

Actual hands-on experience is a critical component in preparing for the exam. The exam is looking to measure how well you know how to perform tasks, not how well you memorize features and functions.

Direct application of the skills learned cannot be substituted by training resources alone. You must spend time using the product and applying the skills learned.

Step 5. Take the required exam.

Now that you have chosen your certification, read the examination overview, assessed your readiness, used training, and practiced applying your skills, you are ready to take the exam. Exams can be purchased and scheduled online.


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