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Online exam development community programs in 2010

Posted by Rubel Khan on November 11, 2009

In 2010, Microsoft will be creating online communities where people can contribute and collaborate on exam questions for several live exams. Microsoft hope to establish a community-based item pool that not only taps into the real-world expertise of industry professionals but also opens the door for more influencers to have an impact in exam development. While refreshing exams is part of Microsoft’s exam life cycle, being able to do minor updates between these major stages will grant us an opportunity to more effectively manage exam quality.

The concept is simple. As part of the online community, a member will post exam items or questions and other members/peers of the community (and Microsoft) will provide feedback. The content of the item may be used in a live exam to replace items that are no longer performing well psychometrically.
Microsoft has implemented this approach for a few exams. As thed expand this program, they’d like your help in setting up the appropriate framework, as well as identifying the technologies and exams where this process will be most effective. Please help Microsoft out by completing thier 2010 Community Exam Development Survey. Your feedback will definitely help Microsoft implement this successfully.

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