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Download ten free Windows 7 chapters

Posted by Rubel Khan on November 11, 2009

MS Press has added three more chapters to the Microsoft Learning Windows 7 portal, where you’ll find links to numerous training resources related to Windows 7. The following chapters from recently published Microsoft Press books are now available.

From Windows 7 Inside Out:

  • Chapter 2, “Installing and Configuring Windows 7”
  • Chapter 11, “Backup, Restore and Recovery” (new)
  • Chapter 21, “Performing Routine Maintenance”

From Windows 7 Resource Kit:

  • Chapter 23, “Support Users and Remote Assistance”
  • Chapter 29, “Deploying IPv6”

From Windows 7 Step by Step:

  • Chapter 1, “Explore Windows 7”
  • Chapter 2, “Navigate Windows and Folders”

From Introducing Windows 7 for Developers:

  • Chapter 2, “Integrate with the Windows 7 Taskbar, Part 1”

From Windows 7 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant:

  • Chapter 5, “Managing User Access and Security,” and Chapter 9, “Installing and Maintaining Programs” (new: a single download)

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