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Free Windows 7 Developer Boot Camp at PDC09

Posted by Rubel Khan on September 25, 2009

Just announced – a free Windows 7 Developer Boot Camp on November 16, open to PDC09 attendees and non-attendees.  Registered attendees can secure their spot by updating their registration record (contact with questions).  Space is limited, so spread the word with your customers, partners and developer communities today!  (Full details here)

Jump-start your Windows 7 experience by joining some of the top Windows 7 engineers, including Mark Russinovich, Landy Wang, and Arun Kishan, for an intense, high quality training session. Whether you are looking to create more performant, reliable, or secure applications, or you are an application developer looking to leapfrog past your competition, this FREE Boot Camp can get you from zero to hero in less than eight hours!

This fast-paced Windows 7 marathon will cover it all:

» Kernel  and architectural improvements

» New shell integration points: taskbar, libraries, and search

» Applied tips for getting the most out of today’s hardware with the sensor & location platform, multitouch, and the new graphics libraries (Direct2D, DirectX 11) that take advantage of the GPU

Whether you’re a C++, C# or Visual Basic developer, building a .NET or a Win32 application, we’ll give you actionable tips to get the most out of the Windows platform.



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