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Posted by Rubel Khan on September 4, 2009

I know, I know… the buzz in the media is about how the recession is over, but it sure doesn’t feel that way for most of us, does it? But there are certainly signs of strength and hope out there, especially for those of you with up-to-date skills (and proof of skills) and the ability to pursue new opportunities:

Windows IT Pro Magazine reports on the top ten tough-to-fill IT skill sets (including virtualization, .NET, SQL Server, and SharePoint) plus the top ten U.S. metropolitan areas for tech jobs.

Good news further to the north, too: Network World reports that 38% of Canadian IT execs expect to increase their staffing over the next quarter (with an additional 49% maintaining their current levels).

Finally, MCP Magazine ran a survey that reveals that at least among their readers, MCPs are faring much better than the general populace in the recession, with a reported unemployment rate of only 5.7%

Hope you all fare well through the long upwards climb out. If you used the recession as an opportunity to update your skills and certifications, congratulations: you’re in a much better position for the recovery. If not: this is the time to get started…


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