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The Truth Of Being Sun Certified By Vaibhav Pandey

Posted by Rubel Khan on August 21, 2009

Being a Sun Certified Java Programmer(SCJP) is undoubtedly a matter a pride, But due to the immense increase in qualified Human Resource especially in IT/ITES sector, it is no longer a matter of pride. Once upon a time (2-3 years back) we knew that if anyone was Sun Certified or held a Sun Certification he would surely get a good job which would give him the opportunity to earn as well as learn and grow as a person.

There are many types of certifications provided by Sun SCJP, SCJA, SCWCD and so on. The tests are developed to test one’s knowledge and skills in particular field of specialization. What I clearly want to mention is if you do something do it as nobody else can. That is if you are preparing for SCJP then you must qualify the exam with atleast 80%. Otherwise it will be useless.

I have a case for you, I know a guy who is SUN Certified (SCJP) he works in a private firm and only gets Rs. 12, 000/- Per Month ($ 600). You may think it is not very much but it is reality here in India. He scored only 64% marks in SCJP exam. In current economic scenario and increasing competition take such students to work for less and that’s pity.

Now we come to the Examination part. Most guys must know that India is corrupt. Let me tell you it’s not as the media has framed India’s growth. Still it is major factor. I also heard that you can pass the exam by paying extra money. You will get whole bunch of papers. I found the cost was about the same for the exam. This is pathetic and true injustice with the hardworking students. People are just degrading the value of the Sun Certificate, nothing else.

ou might be living in any part of the world but the silly thing is that you will never get a value for your thing. Like you will never get a expected job according to your qualifications.

I have another case for you that one of my friend knows nothing about programming and still managed to get a job in a giant IT company @ Rs. 21, 000/- per month($ 1, 050), almost 1. 75 times the person who has qualified the SCJP. when I look at them I need to think well its luck or may be something else, maybe he’s not able to show up his skills or anything. In terms of qualification its really unfair.

If you are outside India you may find yourself lucky that there are not that much Sun Certified programmers but India is a place full of certified programmers. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Indian or not , but looking forward to SCJP. Then keep pulling weights even more, otherwise you will be just another SCJP.

 ost important thing never get out of touch. That is keep revising and testing your concepts with new ideas and codes. This way you will keep away from being rusted and at the same time when you will get a call for interview you will turn up positively, full of confidence. Big boys know how important confidence is in Interviews.

I am not discouraging you from giving SCJP but I want you to know the ground reality of SCJP. It would be better if you try for Cisco Certification , Oracle Certification etc. Their demand is much higher than SCJP. It is the market trend. SCJP is a bit saturated field. You have to be a bit different that other Sun certification holders.

All the best ;-]


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