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Watch WPC09 Sessions Via Video and Download Presentations Though DigitalWPC Today

Posted by Rubel Khan on August 13, 2009

Earlier this morning, I posted about Partner Resources From WPC09 that you can be utilizing today in your business and building into your plans moving forward.  Well, another resource that many Partners have been asking about is the ability to view many of the sessions from WPC09 on demand.  We now have a ton of videos posted up on the DigitalWPC site that you can watch, including: keynote videos (vision keynotes and value keynotes are posted), session videos, featured videos, and some other videos as well.  Here is a sample of some of the videos available to view:

Vision Keynotes:

Value Keynotes:

  • The Partner Story for Azure  

  • Windows 7 Business Opportunities – Value Keynote  

  • Microsoft Developer Platform: Return on Innovation  

  • The Business Productivity Opportunity: The Next Wave, Your Customers, and You  

  • Maximizing Your Opportunity with Core Infrastructure  

  • Microsoft Dynamics: The Power of Possibilities  

  • Mobility Solutions  

  • Application Platform Optimization  

  • Win with SMBs through Partnership and Innovation  

  • Our Public Sector Opportunity  

  • OEM Partnering Power – Today and Tomorrow  

  • Communication Sector – Value Keynote 

  • Plus many, many, many more!  In addition to viewing the videos of theses presentations, you can even download the PowerPoint version of many of the sessions as well!  Ready to start viewing these sessions from the comfort of your office?  Simply click the video screen below and begin your viewing:

  • WPC09 Videos On Demand
  •  Thank you and have a wonderful day.
  • Source: Eric’ Blog


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