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Introducing a Quick Reference for Finding Microsoft Partner Training

Posted by Rubel Khan on August 13, 2009

By now, most of you know that the Partner Learning Center is the primary source of training for Microsoft partners, but the number of courses we have available can sometimes be staggering. The search functionality on the PLC can help you narrow down your choices, and you may not be aware that the PLC allows you to save your search so you can quickly reference it again.

My team has thought of a few other ways we can help you find the training you need or want a little more efficiently.  This week, we launched an index of training, called the “PLC Training Index”, available at, that currently includes listings of sales and technical training by products/solutions and training by business readiness skills (project management, sales skills, pipeline management, to name a few).  These are not exhaustive lists of training, but reflect the most popular requests we get for recommendations about training, and the way we’ve organized this content gives us the flexibility to add more products/solutions and topics over time.  This approach is complementary to our efforts with the Learning Plan Tool (, which lets you create custom learning plans for a person or groups of people in your organization.

Finally, don’t forget The Vital Few section of our Microsoft partner learning newsletter, The Learning Curve, where we highlight three or four topics and the corresponding live and elearning opportunities for each.  In our 10/13 newsletter, we’re covering Windows Server 2008, Solution Selling for Partners, and Microsoft Forefront and Security Software Advisor, two topics that go together for partners like peanut butter and jelly. 

I hope you find these resources helpful to you in navigating the wealth of training opportunities we offer.  As always, I’m happy to hear from you–e-mail me through ths blog or leave comments. 

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