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Author news: Jeffrey Richter updating CLR via C#

Posted by Rubel Khan on August 13, 2009

Jeffrey Richter’s CLR via C#, Second Edition, is a much-appreciated book: 39 of Amazon’s 46 reviews are 5-star reviews. And we’re happy to share that Jeffrey and Microsoft Press are updating the book for .NET 4.0. For more details on this update, see Jeffrey’s post on it here.

Mr. Richter simply rocks; we’re thrilled to be working with him again.

About Jeffrey Richter (Wintellect)

Jeffrey Richter is a cofounder of Wintellect (—a training, debugging, and consulting firm dedicated to helping companies build better software faster. He is the author of the first edition of this book, Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming, and several other Windows-related programming books. Jeffrey is also a contributing editor and columnist for MSDN Magazine. He has been consulting with the Microsoft .NET Framework team since October 1999.

Other Books By Jeffrey Richter


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