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Why you can’t get your Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Technical Preview to work

Posted by Rubel Khan on August 11, 2009

Earlier today, I saw a few Partners posting to a variety of online properties about how they could not get their Microsoft Office Professional 2010 activation keys for the Technical Preview program to work through Microsoft Connect.  Just a quick update for you, in case you did not see this posted on the Microsoft Connect site.  Due to the large demand for downloads and installations we have received for the Microsoft Office Professional 2010 Technical Preview program, we have already reached the maximum number of key activations originally created for the Technical Preview program.  The Office 2010 Team is well aware of this fact and is already working on it.  In fact, here is a snapshot of a posting on the Microsoft Connect page providing an update on the situation:

Office 2010 Technical Preview

So if you have received this error, please stay tuned to the Microsoft Connect site and they will be updating it with the new product keys as soon as they are available.  Also, as noted above, please do not contact the Microsoft Connect Team about this issue as the Microsoft Office Team is already aware of it and working hard to resolve it.  It is very exciting to see all of the phenomenal interest in this Technical Preview offering of Microsoft Office 2010 and to see us exceed our maximum number of key requests already!

Thank you for your incredible interest in participating in this program and we look forward to all of your feedback on the Microsoft Office 2010 program as you begin to work with it.

Source: Eric’s Blog


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