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Posted by Rubel Khan on August 10, 2009

Upcoming Project WebCasts

Reporting (BI and Data Analysis)

Date Name Description Presenters Registration
Wednesday, August 19, 2009 8:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) 2007 Report Pack II – The top reports The “Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) 2007 Report Pack II –  The top reports” provides rich reports for common information needs. The EPM 2007 Report Pack II is a collection of 12 Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports designed for various user groups of the EPM solution. In this webcast, we provide an overview and demonstration of the EPM 2007 Report Pack. We discuss the different usage scenarios the reports are tailored to fit and review the components used to move, store, and render the reports. With this information, you should have a better understanding of how to use the EPM 2007 Report Pack II to provide business value for your organization. Bulent Guzel  and T.R. Sloan –  Microsoft Corporation link

Real World Solutions

This upcoming Webcast series is unique – it just does not talk about particular feature for the sake of describing it, but it introduces a particular customer scenario and discusses a way to address customer need by extending Project Server by development project… Every WebCast will be accompanied by an extensive MSDN article with code samples! Very exciting! Delivered and presented by Microsoft Project MVP – Stephen C. Sanderlin from MSProjectExperts!

Month Name Scenario Description Presenter Registration
September 2009 Importing Workspace Data into Project Server Custom Fields A client has requested a Project Center view that displays the number of active issues for each project. This is not possible out of the box. Discusses a method of importing data from Project Workspaces (PWS) into a Project-level custom field Stephen C. Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts TBD*
November 2009 Leveraging Project Server Security within SQL Reporting Services Reports A client has requested a SQL Reporting Services report that displays sensitive financial data. However, they only want executors of the report to see information on projects to which they have access. Discusses a method of leveraging Project Server security in SRS Reports Stephen C. Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts TBD*
February 2010 Filter Resource and Project data based on Custom Fields You are creating a custom Windows application for a client that extracts and displays Project and Resource information. Because the PSI provides no way to filter these entities prior to retrieval from the PSI, you must retrieve all of the projects or resources in order to filter them by Custom Field value. Because this  client has some international users on slow WAN links, you must minimize the payload sent to the user by the PSI call. Discusses a method of extending the PSI to enable the filtering of Resources or Projects by Custom Field values Stephen C. Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts TBD*
April 2010 Exporting Project Server Data to CSV A client would like to export data from Project Server into a legacy Line of Business system. This system only accepts data in a CSV format. Discusses a method of exporting Project Server data into CSV files Stephen C. Sanderlin, MSProjectExperts TBD*
*Registration URLs would be also announced in the Project Developer Portal and the Project_programmability blog.

On Demand EPM University Training       

Remember the EPM University and the wonderful Developer course? It’s available as an on demand recording free of charge right here!


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