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Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

Posted by Rubel Khan on July 31, 2009

Ok, admit it.  How many of you would much rather hit ALT+ [some key] vs. taking the mouse, clicking File, then some other menu item and maybe a sub-menu item to get your work done?  C’mon, you know you do.  All of us have our favorite keyboard shortcuts we use, whether it is CTRL+C for copy or CTRL+V for paste or Windows+Tab for the cool preview sort or anything else.  The question is, are you utilizing all of the keyboard shortcuts you can or should be using?  What if there are others that you are not aware of and using today?  Or, dare I say it, you could create your own to open programs you use often?

To help you out on your quest to simplify your life, I thought I would share with you a collection of keyboard shortcuts that you can start using with Windows 7 today:

Will any of these shortcuts work with some prior versions of Windows?  Sure.  Which ones, well, I’ll let you try out the ones you like and find out.  🙂

For our Windows Development Team, here are two requests for shortcuts that I am sure many out there would like:

Need to create this shortcut key:  image
Need to find a way to get people to not default to this key: image



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