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Do you Bing? Win $500 and a Bing backpack in the Bing cashback sweepstakes

Posted by Rubel Khan on July 23, 2009

Do you Bing?  Whether you Bing today or not, now is the time to start!  The Bing team has just announced a fun Bing Twitter Sweepstakes where they are giving away cool Bing backpacks with $500 Visa cash cards. 

Starting tomorrow, July 23, on Twitter, @bingcashback will be hosting a 7-day Bing cashback Twitter Sweepstakes. The contest runs each weekday until July 31. Each weekday, we will tweet a new Bing cashback- trivia question. Whoever @replies with the right answer within one hour becomes eligible to win.  The answers to each of our trivia questions will be discoverable by using Bing, specifically Bing Shopping and Bing cashback. Each tweet will be marked with #cashbackpack so you can easily search and find our tweets and other back-to-school budget-minded shoppers, a.k.a. your competitors in this contest. To enter, reply to @bingcashback with your answer and tag your tweet with #cashbackpack.

Check out all of the details in this posting on the Bing Community site, and good luck!

Thank you and have a wonderful day


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