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Live Blog WPC 2009: Windows 7 and Wave 14 Training (Dale Goff and Phil Webb) #WPC-CPLS

Posted by Rubel Khan on July 16, 2009

17:02  Dale and Phil kicking off their session…

Dale is our director of product planning; Phil is our channel marketing team manager.

17:05  Where do our sales volumes come from? Asia 25%; EMEA 40%; LATAM 10%; North America 25%

17:09  Courseware we’re releasing this year will generate $900 million in revenue for CPLS over the next three years!

North America: $244M
EMEA: $425M
Asia $183M

17:12  IDC: E-learning will grow 7% over 3 years; ILT flat over 3 years

17:15  Early content coming on Win7, Exchange, SharePoint, VS, Office, WS2008 R2, SQL 2008 R2 – 27 MOC titles (131 new days); 31 certs; 66 books; 30 snacks; 51 learning plans… plus community authored courses.

17:18  Already available: First looks for Win7 (6289, 6290), Win 7 developer courses (50218, 59219), Update course (6291); TS course for Win7 (6292). July through Sept: Enterprise Desktop Admin (6294), EDST7 (6293), Deployment (6288)

17:19  Just for Win7 – $212M in revenue opportunity for CPLS over next three years (NA $59M, EMEA $100M, LATAM $9M, Asia $44M)

17:20 Upgrade market: 500K MCPs in WinXP, over 109K certified in Vista

17:21  Exchange: First Looks available now (10133, 10134), with five-day courses coming soon: TS course 10135, Design and Deployment 10233. We will not build courses on Exchange Online migration, security and compliance, or high availability and recovery—these are community authoring (CWL) opportunities!  Means $60M in revenue over next 3 years; 190K people certified on Exchange 2003/2007; 180K students took Exchange 2003/2007 courses

17:24  SharePoint:  First Looks and HOLs for both IT Pros and Developers out before Dec. 2009; Then full IT Pro and developer track by June 2010 (ten days for IT Pros, ten days for developers). $90M revenue opportunity for CPLS over next 3 years; 40K IT Pros certified today, 60K students taught.

17:27 MS courseware by volume:

Windows Server: 33%
Windows Client 12%
SQL Server 12%
Visual Studio 11%
Exchange 9%
SharePoint 2%
Office 1%
Other 20%

17:31  Course details—names, numbers, dates, length, etc.—on today!

17:34  Phil’s turn now…

17:36  MCT Virtual Summit in June—58 sessions over 48 hours, 1,000 attendees, six languages. We will do it again next spring!

17:39  MSL Sales 210 “Selling Training on Windows 7” coming August 18, 2009; also 10 additional sales academy sessions plus podcasts

17:43  Announcing a new credential for CPLS salespeople – details coming soon!

17:46  Announcing Event Connect – new event series, engine/tool for CPLSes holding marketing events

17:48  Announcing “Get on the Bus – Season 2” – crossing Europe in October/November 2009 – details on how to participate soon!

17:50  Other events through Event Connect: product launches, career development, STEP events for Windows 7, user group collaboration

17:54  Event Connect launches on August 15th at (nothing there yet). will drive event leads to CPLS!

17:58  Intregrated, synchronized sales/marketing calendar

17:59  Announcing: 25,000 copies of Windows 7 Ultimate – free in our courseware, from October 2009 through June 2010. $8.75M in free software!

18:00  Announcing: Free WS2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 R2 NFR in select courses – $68M total investment, 85,000 units!

18:06  Show over for the day… off to the CPLS party tonight… join us tomorrow for more!

Stay tuned for news and announcements throughout the show!


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