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Live Blog: Introducing CPLS 2.0 (Morgan Carter and Dan Popp) #WPC-CPLS

Posted by Rubel Khan on July 16, 2009

15:35  Morgan and Dan are just getting underway…

15:39  Reviewing feedback from CPLSes over the years: “expensive to expand,” “program not flexible enough”, “customer needs are changing,” “need to adjust my business model to meet your program requirements.” We wanted to address these pain points.

15:41  Announcing location flexibility: open enrollment anywhere! No longer just at CPLS locations. Requirement: MSPP CPLS Partner ID in the country of your delivery, content needs to be purchases in country of delivery.

15:44  More feedback: “you only care about MVR,” “I do so much more than just MOC,” “align us,” “no differentiation,” “push me harder, reward me more.”  MPN addresses some of this, CPLS 2.0 goes further: Announcing Learning Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): quality, consumption, contribution

15:49  Quality: NSAT is important—but so is your MTM-to-Courseware Ratio: here’s how we calculate your quality KPI:

If you have less than 5% MTM-to-courseware ratio, your quality KPI will be zero.
If between 5% and 25%, Quality KPI = NSAT x 80%
Between 25-50%, Quality KPI = NSAT x 90%
Greater than 50%, Quality KPI = NSAT

15:51  Consumption KPI: It’s about revenue—what you purchase, but not just MOC: also Courseware Library, Exams delivered, e-learning vouchers, and e-learning reselling. Each product type has a consumption KPI value:

MOC: 1 day = 1 KPI
CWL: 1 day = 1 KPI
Exams: 1 exam = 3 KPI
e-learning: 3 vouchers = 1 KPI
e-learning reselling: 3 IT courses = 1 KPI

15:54  Contribution KPI: it’s about how you contribute to Microsoft ecosystem: Courseware Library reviews, ratings, delivering free content, authoring courses…

CWL Reviews: 5 reviews = 1 KPI
Ratings: 10 ratings = 1 KPI
Free Content: 1 day = 1 KPI
Authoring Courses: 1 course = 50 (!) KPI

15:55  Annual KPI Targets—will vary by scenario (e.g. high consumption/med quality or med consumption/high quality) and tier (standard/advanced) and are published in program guide available now. Learning KPIs take effect in January 2010, but tiering won’t take effect until FY11—so one year’s notice, folks!

15:59 CPLS Scorecards (handed out today) show projected tiers based on last year’s data… although actual tiering will be based on this next year’s data instead. For those of you not here with us in New Orleans, you can view your Learning KPIs on Campaign Factory today.

16:02 reaches full-time support specialist who can help you understand, troubleshoot KPI reports.

16:03  Not changing: Must use MOC; must meet minimum hardware reqs; must continue to use MCTs; must guarantee satisfaction to customers; must always use MCTs

16:04  Consistent benefits:  PAM support, RSCs, exclusive offers, expanded Sales Academy, Campaign Factory, Class Locator, Live Meetings, Software Assurance redemption

16:06  Announcing: New tele-sales and tele-marketing from MSL, driving training leads to your door!

16:08 Announcing new CPLS program guide: from 66 pages down to six pages only! (, also on USB stick provided at show)

16:10  Revisiting roll-out timeline: Today—new program guide, flexible location requirements, Learning KPI reports on Campaign Factory; January 2010—Learning KPIs replace MVR, new rebate program aligned to KPIs; July 2010 and beyond—MPN transition, tiering, more.

16:13 Wrapping up: be sure to review the new program guide and KPIs!, time for Q&A

16:15  Question from audience: Will we include Certiport exams? Answer: that’s our goal

16:16  Question from audience: Some partners heavily invest in their staff MCTs. Why no KPI for that? Answer: we’re looking at things like teaching TTTs or early content—no decisions on exact KPI yet, but we’re considering it. Question around SATV usage: we’re considering it.

16:17  Question: will KPIs be identical within a country? Answer: yes.

16:18  Question is an MCT required per location? Yes. May be additional requirement for Advanced CPLSes to have additional CPLSes.

16:19  Question around Courseware Library evolution. Answer: session on that tomorrow.

Question: how will Class Locator work with flexible location requirements? Answer: we’re working on how to address location-less orgs.

16:20  Question: What’s the deal with customer references? Answer: In order to stay a gold partner, you need a customer reference using the MPN quality metrics. As long as you are using MTM and have at least 10 evals per year, then you are meeting minimum reqs for MPN.

16:21  Wrapped—back again at 17:00


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