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Microsoft and HDI Announce New Windows 7 Desktop Support Certification

Posted by Rubel Khan on July 14, 2009

Microsoft is pleased to announce our partnership with (HDI) Help Desk Institute to deliver MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7, in preparation for the availability of Windows 7.

MCITP:EST7 is designed to identify quality help desk support professionals with deep technical expertise (validated by Microsoft) and strong customer service skills (validated by HDI, an industry-recognized standards body that promotes best practices).

MCITP: EST7 is available to new candidates and candidates who are upgrading from MCITP:EST or MCDST.

MCPs who earn the credential will have full access to MCP benefits and resources. Want more info? Check out the complete certification path, requirements and benefits is available here.


2 Responses to “Microsoft and HDI Announce New Windows 7 Desktop Support Certification”

  1. Rubel Khan said

    Ken Rosen clarified this today about this exam. Here is his posting:

    “Got quite a few reactions from you guys about our MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7 announcement yesterday: it seems many of you are concerned and about the requirement to acquire an HDI certification in order to achieve this credential.

    Please note that this is not the only MCITP credential for Windows 7—there’s also an MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator 7, which does not include customer service skills in among the skills it validates (and therefore does not have an HDI component).

    So for those of you who want a well-rounded technology+soft skills credential, there’s MCITP: EDST7, and for those of you just want the Win7 piece, there’s MCITP: EDA7

    Hope that helps allay your concerns!”

  2. Shah Murad said

    Hello Rubel-
    I was wondering if you or anyone in this community is aware of replacing Vista exam with Win exam on Serverf 2008, Enter Admin certification path. I think it is purely 100% waste of time, money and everything else when we are all moving away from Vista to brace 7.

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