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Introducing SnackBox Beta

Posted by Rubel Khan on July 9, 2009


Introducing the SnackBox beta!

Microsoft Learning introduces SnackBox, a new place to view and create Silverlight Learning Snacks!  

There’s a vast resource of knowledge out there – SME’s, MCT’s, MCP’s and others who are eager to share their expertise.

The combination of the Learning Content Development System (LCDS), the Snack Converter, and now the SnackBox platform enables the community to build and publish Silverlight Learning Snacks. Learners, after signing in to SnackBox, can rate the snacks published by both MSL and the community.

Learning Snacks fill a vital spot in the community authoring strategy for MSL. Learning Snacks and SnackBox enable the community to create online learning without having to be an e-learning expert because all of the instructional design and production elements are baked into the experience. And SnackBox is provided free of charge.

SnackBox Highlights

  • Provides an easy way to browse and find Microsoft Learning and community- created snacks. 
  • Enables the Microsoft Learning Community to easily create snacks using the LCDS and Snack Converter tool.
  • Distinguishes between community produced and Microsoft produced Snacks
  • Allows users to rate snacks
  • Allows us to highlight top community contributors

Create, enjoy, tell others!


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