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MCP Certificates: Then and Now – By Ken Rosen

Posted by Rubel Khan on July 1, 2009

MCP Certificates: Then and Now – Posted by Ken Rosen on July 1st, 2009

A few weeks ago, I made a side reference to the first MCP exam I ever took (and that Microsoft ever offered!): 70-001.

Eagle-eyed reader Matt caught it and replied, “So I have to ask… what is 70-001?”

Just for you, Matt: I dug out my old certificate to find the name of the exam, and when I looked at it, I knew I had to share it…


My favorite flourish has to be the little crown in the logo. (Can’t you just imagine a Microsoftie looking at the logo and thinking, “Hmmm… it’s just not quite right yet. Needs something… I know: a crown!”)

Oh, and my middle initial isn’t D. It took me years to get Microsoft to change that.

Quite a journey from the above to the below, eh?


Now if only I could get our database team to fix my “certified since 2005′” to read  “certified since 1993” like it’s supposed to…

Sigh. The more things change…


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