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Free Clinic – 10077: What’s New in Windows 7 for IT Professionals

Posted by Rubel Khan on June 11, 2009

Free Clinic – 10077: What’s New in Windows 7 for IT Professionals

This two-hour clinic provides you with an overview of the new and enhanced deployment, security, manageability, and performance features in Windows 7. It describes how these features meet the day-to-day needs of IT professionals.

This clinic covers the following topics.

Overview of Deployment Enhancements
Overview of Security Enhancements
Overview of Manageability and Performance Enhancements
IT professionals completing this clinic should have basic familiarity with deploying, managing, and maintaining Windows Vista or the Windows XP operating system.


At the end of the course, students will be able to:
Describe the new and updated deployment features and tools for Windows 7.
Describe new and enhanced security features in Windows 7.
Describe the improvements in performance and manageability in Windows 7.



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